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  • Alpha 30 Pack Gummies - Premium THC-infused treats for relaxation and pleasure.

    Alpha THC 30 Pack Gummies


    3000mg Total

    100mg each gummy

  • Sale! Kiwi Kush Edibles - Cannabis-infused gummy candies with tantalizing kiwi flavors.

    Kiwi Kush Delta 8 Gummies


    Certainly! Moreover, we extend a warm invitation to explore your ideal dosage, ensuring a controlled and enjoyable encounter, by starting with 1/2 a gummy. Additionally, our Kiwi Kush Edibles promise an array of captivating flavors and effects, crafted with delightful organic goodness and expertly infused with Delta-8-THC. In our state-of-the-art gummy kitchen, cutting-edge technology guarantees…

  • Maui Labs Edibles Delivery NJ.

    Maui Labs Delta 9 Gummies | 500mg

    Strawberry Kiwi Kush- Hybrid
    Cotton Candy Kush – Hybrid
    Peach Mango Sherbet – Indica
    Blue Dream – Sativa
    Watermelon OG -Indica
    Sour Peach Cobbler – Sativa
    Pineapple Haze – Sativa
    Alien Rocks – Indica
    Sour Grape Stomper – Indica
    Strawberry Sour Diesel -Sativa
    • 25 gummies per jar
    • 10mg D9:10mg CBD per Gummy
    • 500mg total cannabinoids per Jar
    • 10 flavors to choose from
  • Ripple Dissolvables Pure - Rapid-Acting THC Delivery.

    Ripple Dissolvables Pure 100mg THC


    THC: 100mg
    10mg per Packet
    10 Packets per Container